This is were we do the work and teach you the Principles behind State of Mind. It is through your own personal insights as to how this shows up in various areas of your personal and professional life that you'll be transformed. We coach individuals, train corporate teams, facilitate problem resolution, consult with management & business owners and teach in school classrooms. We work to solve real personal and business problems. It is one thing to achieve a greater sense of well-being and clarity of mind, but even better to see a benefit to the corporate bottom line, increased customer satisfaction and enhanced teamwork in the workplace or better academic success, reduced absenteeism and less bullying in schools.


Consulting With a Difference From the Inside Out


We don't just waltz in and deliver an "off the shelf" training or workshop. We are Pure Potential Consultants who take time to understand your business and your objectives. We tailor all of our programs to meet your specific needs and requirements and our success is measured based on your specific goals and objectives.



We work with individuals on a 1:1 basis. This personal approach is more flexible in terms of fitting in with your time schedule and availability. We coach in person or via phone/Skype on a weekly basis or can also offer 3-4 day intensive programmes.


Teaching & Training

We offer group programmes for up to 20 delegates over 3-4 days. The benefit of this type of programme is that we can address an entire team or group at once. This is ideal for goals and objectives that span a broader audience. It is also very good for fostering better teamwork and communication. In schools, we teach the Principles behind State of Mind in classes as part of a school curriculum or run as a special programme on a weekly or intensive basis.



We work with business teams to achieve problem resolution, conflict management, decision-making, strategic planning, consensus, a shared understanding and creative idea generation. Using the knowledge of the Principles  behind State of Mind, we facilitate a group discussion that helps you achieve your desired results and objectives.