Success Measurement

We measure success via individual intake and assessment prior to commencing any work and further assessments after our work with you in completed. Success is uniquely defined according to your own short- and long-term objectives. We regularly see quantifiable results within a very short time. You will experience a positive impact to the bottom line of your business and we will work with you until you achieve the results you desire.

Our Value-Add is Based on Success Measurement 

Intake Interview

Prior to beginning our work together we will spend about 60-90 minutes with each person who will be participating in the group workshop. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you and find out what is relevant for you in business.  

We will explain the nature of the workshop and that it is a different kind of program from what you are probably used to. There are no PowerPoint slides, there is no workbook, there won't be a set of things to do and there will be no techniques to learn. 

This course is about how the mind works. It is not about psychotherapy and not about how to change what you're thinking. It's not about how to analyse your relationships and your problems. It's not about bringing your most challenging personal issues and getting advice. It's not about what you think, it's about how the thought process works. It's not about what you should do in certain life situations, it's about how the human system is designed. 

We ask you to prepare and plan to take mental time away from your business for the duration of the training. If mobile phones can't be left behind, we ask you to keep all work to a minimum even in the evenings for the duration of the course. We explain that you are going to have a relaxing time and some reflective conversations. Hopefully you will see some things that will be quite transformational.

Goals & Objectives

We explain that you'll get the most out of the training if you have skin in the game. What would be a goal for this training that would be a miracle for you, i.e. having a good night's sleep, problems with your teenagers solved, no more worrying? What do you want? What is your personal goal for the course? What do you want for your company? What is a specific business result that you would like to achieve?



We ask all delegates to complete a survey based on psychological dimensions. This assessment will once again be completed at the end of the training to measure changes in State of Mind. Our success measurement is by the progress you have made towards achieving the personal goals and/or business objectives that were established.  Our commitment is that we will work with you until you get the desired result.