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Corporate Wellness

We will work with you to produce meaningful results by focussing on the human dimension of your business. Corporate Wellness and clarity of mind are the key ingredients for getting the most out of individuals and teams. It will lead to better communication and teamwork, more employee engagement, increased productivity, thriving in times of uncertainly, a reduction in stress, enhanced creativity and much, much more.

Corporate Wellness for Employee Wellbeing and Success 


We spend time interviewing delegates before beginning our work. This enables us to get a better understanding for where your business is at the moment and the range of issues that are blocking performance and/or success. This is also the time when we assess where you are now and clearly define how the success of our work can be measured.  

We then work with a group of delegates over the course of 3-4 days. The group should be homogenous in that they all have a common goal or interest in solving a problem or issue that the company is currently facing. There are two days for exploring the principles behind State of Mind and how we create our reality. These days should ideally be a time for reflection with daily office work and email kept to a minimum.

Following on from this, we facilitate a 1-2 day session where can explore solutions to your business issues and problems, but now from a State of Mind that is calm and clear. In our experience, problems that were once insurmountable are now easily resolved and we see quantifiable results in a very short time.




  • Increased Sales
  • Greater Employee Engagement
  • Better Team Dynamics
  • More Efficient Meetings
  • Improved Communications
  • Effective Decision-Making
  • Authentic Leadership
  • High Performance
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • New Products
  • Higher Lever of Motivation

What do our customers say?

We spent months arguing about the best way to cut costs, however after spending 2 days with Pure Potential Consulting, we were not only able come up with an ingenuous idea, but all agree on it as well. Through the understanding of how the mind works and how we were making life and business so difficult, many of our old fears, insecurities and bad behaviours just melted away and lost their power over us. Discussions and team meetings exhibited a new framework of cooperation and teamwork that had previously never happened.

Louise McNally


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Give us a call to talk about corporate wellness in your organisation and your biggest business challenges. As all of our work is guaranteed, we don't take on every project, but we will discuss your issues with you in detail. If we think we can help, we'll design a bespoke Pure Potential Programme for you.