Enhanced Communication in the Workplace and at Home

Communication in the Workplace

Do you often talk to others and know full well that they're not really listening to you?  Or perhaps you are also guilty of multi-tasking while speaking to someone on the phone and suddenly realising that while reading an email, you missed the last point they made and you have to ask them to repeat it.  Perhaps while listening to someone speak, you are chomping at the bit to give your response and already formulating your reply in your head.  It's no wonder that misunderstandings occurs when we rarely take the time to communicate properly.  What if you were able to listen with a clear mind?  What difference would that make to the quality of your communication in the workplace and at home?

Enhanced Communication in the Workplace means listening beyond the words

What if you could take in everything that was said to you without judging?  What if you not only heard the words that were spoken but could even hear beyond the words to the feeling or deeper meaning that is being conveyed?  Meetings would last only a fraction of the time if we were able to improve the quality of our communication in the workplace.  Misunderstandings might be avoided and solutions found, if would only really listen to each another.