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Pure Potential

It's all about infinite Pure Potential!

Pure Potential Consulting, Mentoring & Coaching is a Social Enterprise comprising a network of executives, consultants, coaches, trainers, psychologists and counsellors who approach the human dimension of business using a new psychological paradigm. The basis of this paradigm is that a deep understanding of how the mind works transforms the way we behave individually and then collectively in teams and in organisations. We have extensive experience working with individuals, in businesses and in schools. Our work is truly transformational. Once you see the world differently and have new insights into how your mind works, you'll never be the same.

Our work is 100% results-driven and focussed on problems that need to be resolved or goals to be achieved. We work with you to get the results that you want and offer a guarantee for our services.  

Our mission is to spread the awareness of this understanding in the business world until it becomes mainstream.  Human capital is the most important factor in the production of economic value. Therefore the State of Mind of your people holds the greatest potential for your business.

Pure Potential Consulting helped me to feel confident in my new role as CEO of the company. I now give presentations with ease and grace and can easily keep my composure when faced with situations of uncertainty, such as questions during press conferences. In gaining clarity of mind, I am now better able to plan strategically for the future of our company. I feel more confident that I've ever felt before and this has not gone unnoticed by colleagues and other Board members.

Nancy Jordan


We are on a mission to change the world.

We know that if we could just share this understanding of the Principles behind State of Mind and the human experience with political leaders and others in positions of power, the world would be a better place.  


We are fanatical about shaking up the corporate workplace.

The corporate world is often inefficient and ego-driven. We know that teaching this understanding in business will not only improve the workplace for everyone in it, but go straight to the bottom line of the business as well.


We are passionate about reaching out to young people.

We see a huge gap in the current school curriculum when it comes to teaching mental wellness to our youth. Teens today face increased social and academic pressure in a fast-paced world. We know that an understanding of how our mind works would help teens to better cope with everyday situations.